White Trash World Tour / by Nadia Fallahi

During Thanksgiving, my mom informed us that we would be going on a trip in May, and we would learn at Christmas what our destination would be.  It didn’t take much work to figure out we were going on a cruise (my mom LOVES cruises — this is why I have to uphold my White Trash Aesthetic).  Much to our surprise, we found out that we’d be heading to Europe instead of Hawaii, which we all assumed.

May came quicker than I had expected, and all 16 of us were off to Barcelona.  We were a mix of families and friends who would take on Spain, France and Italy on the world’s largest cruise ship.  I’ve been having a really bad time traveling over the last year, especially with flying, so I was ready to be super uncomfortable the whole time.  However, I think the excitement and being with my family helped me calm down.


Our week was filled with a lot of walking, gluten, alcohol and bus rides.  We did such a wide array of activities like visiting the Vatican to swimming in the Mediterranean in Capri to kayaking in Marseille.  

I get most anxious to travel with my mom because we travel so differently and are so set in our ways.  We did have a few run-in’s and there were a lot of activities I didn’t want to participate in, but in retrospect, I’m glad to have filled the week with so many memories.

My favorite stop was our day in Sorrento and Capri.  We docked in Naples and took a bus ride to Sorrento, where we walked around to stop into shops, see the sights and grab lunch before taking the ferry over to Capri.  Once on the island, Taylor and I met up with my friends, Emma and Megan, for a little beach time and gelato.  Sorrento and Capri are so unbelievably beautiful.  This was my second time to Capri, and I was still so in awe.

My least favorite stop was, obviously, Rome.  Rome is tied with New York for my least favorite city.  Once you’ve seen Rome, you’ve seen it.  It’s dirty and hot and always, always filled with 10000000000000 American tourists.  I think the food there is terrible, and the only restaurant I will eat at is Roma Sparita.  Roma Sparita, most famous for their cacio e pepe, is a great little spot off the center of the city in a hidden section.  No tourists and no crowds.  The food there is incredible, and the only reason I would ever return to Rome would be to eat there.

Our ship was quite a spectacle.  Most of my time on the ship was spent at the pool, casino, “nightclub” and array of bars, pizza jaunt (only after 2 AM, though) and coffee bar.  Having the unlimited drink package was quite great to have.  We would just mess around at night when we were cruising, and it was fun to go out and drink with my dad and the other kids.  

This may not have been a trip I would have planned, but at the end of the day, I’m glad we went on it.  I was able to make such great memories and share them with people I care about.  I think this really shows in the #content.  I’m excited to see where the #WhiteTrashWorldTour will go next, and I hope I’m the one to plan it!

Matcha Had Me...regretting my gluten relapse, thinking about gelato and drinking endless gin fizz.