5 Favorite Things – August 2018 / by Nadia Fallahi

Well, since the only one of these I put out was in March, I figured it’d be good to pick back up on this.  Here’s the five things I’m obsessed with this August.

1. Hustle by Matchabar ($36 for a 12-pk, Amazon)

My beloved Matchabar recently announced their newest drink, Hustle, the world’s first matcha-based energy drink.  Obviously, I love matcha, but I’m not huge on energy drinks.  Plus, these two together sounded like a recipe for disaster.  However, when I was in LA a few weeks ago, I decided to pickup the sugar-free version of Hustle (only 5 calories!) to drink on the way to the airport the next morning at 5 AM.  Well, the Matchabar brother did it again!  The drink is not too sweet nor too bitter, and it kept me up and alert all day — all without that anxious jittery feeling a lot of energy or caffeinated drinks can.  I can’t wait to pick up a ton more, and I keep sending free ones to my friends.  I will be inquiring about how to bring them to the microktichens at work ASAP!


I was a little hesitant about Grime’s second full studio album.  Some of the singles hadn’t been my favorites, and my friend, Lucy, who had heard the album a few months back, said I wouldn’t like it.  Lo and behold, I started playing the album and was instantly shook.  Nova is very different from his last album, Void, yet you can see how much he’s grown.  The transitions are beautiful and his ability to craft such unique sounds is wild.  The top tracks for me are “Feel Free,” “Shrine,” “Run for Your Life,” “Rainer,” “Undo,” and of course, “Era.”  I also never hear music in the car, so it was super exciting to hear it while driving when I was home.  Would highly recommend a good listen or two to Nova.

3. Midi and maxi dresses

A few years ago, you couldn’t get me to wear any skirts or dresses that passed my mid-thigh.  No, like seriously, even my senior prom dress was short in the front.  However, with my adolescence and high metabolism behind me, I’ve come to loooooove longer dresses.  There’s something so romantic about a longer dress, but you can decide if it’s because it gives the mind more to imagine or because they’re so easy to just throw on and go.  I’ve been finding a great bunch of dresses (and skirts!) that are a little longer from places like ASOS, & Other Stories and Zara.  I love throwing on one for work or a night out, paired with my latest sneaker purchase or a great pair of boots (see below for more on that!).  These are the best to travel with, and I have a feeling my collection is just going to keep growing and growing.

4. Clearasil Rapid rescue deep treatment pads ($5.98, Amazon)


I was asking for recommendations for new cleansers good for my skin type, and one of my friends told me about these wipes.  They have an accompanying cleanser (which I also bought and use regularly), but the wipes are like the cherry on top of your skin regimen.  I love how clean my face feels after a swipe over my face, especially considering the texture of the pads.  I’ll usually use one after cleansing my face, right before toner, just to make sure that I’m extra cleaned out.  I also like using them before working out.  In this instance, I’ll use a makeup wipe to take off any makeup I might’ve had on, and then I follow the Clearasil wipe with a moisturizer with SPF in it.  These are a little more intense and great for tougher or cystic acne, so if you just have small breakouts form time to time, I wouldn’t recommend this product.

5. LEONA boots from Doc Marten ($170, Dr. Martens)

I definitely owe this one to Caroline.  She rocked these boots at Bonnaroo this year, and they looked to killer with all of her outfits.  After the first night, I asked Caroline if her feet hurt, and she said not even one bit.  If these could keep your feet comfortable, give you some height and make you look like a bad ass, how could you not want a pair?  Since Roo, I’ve gotten a pair and rocked them day in and day out and to a fest and a few shows.  I will probably wear them a ton to a bunch of other festivals and anytime I’m wearing a feminine dress just to rough up the lewk a little.


MATCHA HAD ME...getting a matcha high, stompin' bitches and jamming to feel free.