The MAtchA, The Myth, The Legend

It was the spring of 2014 when I first fell in love with matcha, and it’s only been a wild romance since then.  From accumulating a bevy of new nicknames (matcha, mātch, matchy, lil mātch) to receiving Snapchats and texts every time someone I knew saw, tasted, smelt, felt or heard matcha, I knew matcha had become part of my life and would be here to stay.  While I might not be reaching at this delectable green tea powder each and every day, it’s the concept of matcha having me live my life to its fullest potential, and then some.  Matcha Had Me is a space to collect my all-over-the-map thoughts, photos from adventures, life updates and of course, a little matcha. 

You can usually find me ordering an iced matcha latte with almond milk, spreading the word of my lord and savior, Lady Gaga, at the movies eating snacks I stole from work, out with friends asking the waiter if something is gluten free, in a mosh pit throwing β€˜bows, at the gym trying to keep up the #fitchicks lifestyle, on my couch catching up on all my favorite Bravo shows or at a bar in the Castro hooting and hollering over RuPaul’s Drag Race. 

Matcha is just as much a part of me as I am of it (or at least, I pretend so).  So come along on this ride called life I’m still learning how to navigate through, all through the good, the bad and the ugly because sometimes matcha just has us.