Bring it back now / by Nadia Fallahi


I get so wishy washy about Outside Lands as it approaches.  This was my third year at the festival held annually in Golden Gate Park, and while I did end up enjoying myself (and woke up with no voice on Monday morning — tysm, DJ Snake), it will probably take my ultimate dream lineup to get me back there for three days again.  2016 was so, so fun, and 2017 proved to be experience-first instead of music-first (even when I left to go to see Gaga at AT&T Park).  All in all, I love festing, so getting to spend these days jamming, eating and bonding with my friends was a blessing in itself.


It’s sad how little effort you need to put into your OSL lewks in order to turn heads, and not in the Bonnaroo way.  

On Friday, Jackson, Wes and I rocked matching Rush shirts (if you know, you know), and Wes and I coordinated on our white mesh bottoms.  I wore these pants to Bonnaroo this year and was so happy to break them out again.  I topped the look off with a freshly dyed and blown out pink do. 

On Saturday, I rocked these amazing Pretty Little Thing sequin pants with a spotted one-piece from ASOS.  Both were items I have been trying to break out but have had trouble trying to make work.  This combo, topped off with my cheetah faux fur coat, was show-stopping, and I received more comments than any other fest lewk I’ve ever worn. 

On Sunday, I went for a more laid back lewk.  I threw a PLT tie dye dress over a pair of fishnets and brought a big denim jacket to keep me warm.  Like my other two outfits, I wore my Leona Dr. Marten boots. 


DJ Snake was the last artist we saw for the weekend, and his set made it all worth it.  This was my fourth (I think?) time seeing him, and he definitely did not disappoint.  I was glad he played a bit of a heavier set that differed from others of his that I’ve seen.  Even in a sea of teenie boppers and youths, we were at a level of 100 screaming “Bring it back now!”, headbanging and shuffle battling. 

I first saw Tash Sultana at Bonnaroo this year and was instantly floored.  Tash is a solo act from Australia who does all of their own production, and even though they play alone, it sounds like they’re backed by a full band.  Tash’s sound is so gnarly, and the crowd was all so into it.  I’m really excited for Tash’s first album to drop at the end of the month, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them at The Fox in November.

I think it’s impossible to see Florence + The Machine live and not be in love.  Florence is a force to be reckoned with when she hits a stage, and her powerhouse voice will shake you to your core.  We caught most of the set as we watched from the back of the polo field all dancing on tables and screaming the lyrics.  If “Shake It Out” didn’t leave you in tears, then you probably have no soul. 

Illenium is the Guy Fieri of EDM,” Jenny noted on our way out of his set on Saturday because those flames and those jerseys.  Illenium was one of the acts I was most excited to see.  I’ve also seen him at Bonnaroo and Coachella, and even though each time has been so different, his live show is so strong.  Wes and I rocked our jerseys in the sea of sadbois as we watched the SF-native bring down Twin Peaks. 

I have such a soft spot for The Weeknd in my heart.  I may not have been a huge fan of any of his works since Trilogy, besides Starboy, which took SOME time to grow on me, but every time I’ve seen him, he has been incredible.  I’m glad that his sets are always different, and that he started working in more older tracks.  Plus, who doesn’t gag over hearing “House or Balloons/Glass Table Girls” live???

All in all, I’m glad I got to spend this weekend frolicking around with my friends as these are the memories I cherish most.  I’m excited for whatever my next festival might be (it’s very strange that I don’t know which!!), and I will be making sure to stay on vocal rest until then — or at least until I see Anna Lunoe and Alison Wonderland next weekend.