The Pieces From My Closet I Can’t Live Without / by Nadia Fallahi

Everyone has staple pieces in their closet. Each differs from person to person and are items that each of us could not live without. These are the items that our friends and other loved ones recall first when they think of us. The ones we rarely lent out. The ones that always find a way into our suitcases when we travel.

Anyone who's seen my closet knows how terrible of a hoarder I am when it comes to clothes. Yes, I've seen Tidying Up, and yes, I tried to limit my closet only to items that sparked joy. However, my clothes are so much part of me. They carry the stories and experiences of my past and help me envision the future. I use clothes to express myself, my interests and my mood each day. I’m known for my style and my ability to wear things most people wouldn’t choose first (P.S. Did you know I won best style in high school?)

It's hard for me to nail down a word or phrase to describe my style. It's something between tomboy-chic meets Olson Twin meets compulsive buyer meets power-clasher. It's everywhere and all over the place, yet I still feel like I've been able to find this niche where my style or "brand" really shines. This is a lot due to the staple items in my closet.

These are the pieces I cannot live without:

Travis Scott Bonnaroo 2017 Shirt

I bought this shirt at the Bonnaroo merch booth when I went to the festival in 2017. Travis has been one of my most favorite artists over the last few years, and my collection of his merch has grown. I love this t-shirt because, much like my other XL long sleeves, I love there versatility and the graphics on the shirt. The front includes a logo with the festival name, the sleeves with the year and the back with a flaming skull. I love how rock n roll the design feels (many thanks to Virgil Abloh on that). XL long sleeves are the best because you can wear them over biker shorts as a tunic, over tights as a dress, by itself to bed, etc.

Uniqlo Drape Jogger Pants in Black (

I originally got these pants to wear in Croatia when I visited on my semester abroad. I ended up buying them in black and a print (which I lost RIP), and the black pair very quickly became vital to my being. I wear these things everywhere and for literally any occasion. They're the perfect pants to wear to bed, when you're on a plane, out to the bars with friends, in the office, etc. I had get a second pair, and it is so rare that I travel anywhere without them now. I love how light the fabric is and how great they pair with almost anything.

Reformation Sundown Top

There's something quite romantic and flattering about an off-the-shoulder top. I believe in this so greatly that I have this top in three colors. The solid black is definitely my favorite, but I love mixing the other two into various outfits in different layers. Reformation doesn't carry this top anymore, so I'm extra glad that I was able to snag them when they were available. The top is just right for any outfit which might be tucked into a mini skirt or jeans, complimenting sweats or layered under a dress. I think the silhouette is also so cute with short hair and simple gold hoops. I always feel unstoppable in this top.

Faux Fur Cheetah Jacket

I bought this coat for $10 at a huge thrift store in Maryland when I was a senior high school (peak Macklemore time). This coat has seen so much life, and I think this one of few the items in my closet that my friends are always borrowing. I love wearing it when I'm home for the holidays and in the summer in SF when it's gray and freezing. I think every woman (and probably man) needs one of these in their closet. It's such a classic and chic look that really adds that extra oomph to any lewk. I do wish that I had gotten one that was a little longer, though. I do appreciate how much room it has, but a longer length would be much appreciated. 

Zara Red Leather Mini Skirt

This skirt first entered my closet in 2016 when I purchased it for my “Bat Mitzvah.” It’s so incredibly flattering and is one of my favorite things to wear to go out. I’d say a Nadia signature lewk is this skirt with a cropped graphic tee. It has a little rock n roll flair but also is quite sultry. I feel that it’s the perfect Aries item. It makes my legs look spectacular and goes well with almost any pair of shoes.

Shyanne 12" Red Leather Snip Toe Western Boots (

When I went to Austin last fall, the number one thing I wanted to get was cowboy boots. I was trying to decide white, red and black, but when I arrived to Boot Barn that weekend, it was the red that stole my heart. Not only did they compliment my Texan lewks that weekend so well, they so perfectly compliment any outfit I add them too. I was also inspired by Penelope Disick's red cowboy boots and how well Kourtney styles her in them. My love for them has warranted red cowboy boot gifts, photos, illustrations, etc. from my friends – truly stamping them into my brand.

Black American Apparel Easy Jeans
Anyone who’s worn the American Apparel Easy Jeans easily swears by them. They’re stretching and super flatting, cinching you in in all the right places. These jeans used to come in a zillion colors, and I think I’ve owned about 5 or 6 colors. I love the black ones because they really do go with everything. They’re the perfect jeans to travel with even though they can be a liiiiittle tight (but since I’ve done Whole30, they fit a lot better). I love pairing them with a little top, tucked in XL tee or baggy crewneck sweatshirt.

Neon Mesh Top from Nadia

I got this shirt from my friend, Lauren, who was visiting Tokyo for work last year. She was sending me photos from a store called Nadia Flores En El Corazon, which is literally me in a store. Besides a few items with my name on it, she brought me this neon mesh top. I was inspired by Anna Lunoe’s Hard Summer 2017 lewk, and I absolutely adore this top. It’s perfect for any festival over some spandex or layered under a dress. Every time I wear it, I feel unstoppable and get so many compliments on it. I’m excited to visit Tokyo and Nadia this March and pick up even more goodies.

Pretty Little Thing Black Disco Cycle Shorts (

I was not into the bike shorts look at all when it started becoming popular last year. It wasn’t until my friend, Caroline, rocked them at Bonnaroo that I started giving them a second chance. I ordered some pairs from Pretty Little Thing, and the black ones instantly became very popular in my wardrobe. I was hesitant that, being thicker, these shorts would be very unflattering, but I found that styling them just right, they look perfect on. I’m excite to rock some of my colorful ones to festivals later this year and hope to accumulate a few more pairs before then.

Dr. Marten’s Leona Boots (

I forking love these boots. I first wrote about them last summer when I first purchased them, and it’s been a steamy romance ever since. The Leona boots are probably the most durable shoes I’ve ever owned. I love rocking them at shows or festivals or punking up a very feminine dress. There’s a special feeling that comes along with sliding the boots on, lacing them up and strutting around in them. I recommend these to literally everyone, reminding them that they will not regret their purchase.

American Apparel High-Waist Jeans (

Being curvy, jeans are probably one of the hardest things to buy. I quite greatly hate going to stores to try jeans on because I leave feeling so shitty. When I tried these on at the American Apparel Warehouse Outlet (rip) in 2016, I felt to different. I cut the bottoms off immediately after I got home and the rest was history. I wear these at least twice a week, and they stretch and fit so, so well. I like that they’re different than other popular styles right now and that they don’t have a label on them. They’re so cute to dress up or dress down.

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