5 Things I’m Obsessed with this January / by Nadia Fallahi

Another month, another set of favorite things. Here’s five things I’m obsessed with this month:


1. Sex Education (Netflix)
Netflix’s latest UK edition Sex Education was constantly popping up on my suggestions, so after adding it to My List, I decided to give it a whirl. I’m blessed to have a whole day of travel to knock out the first season. I love how well they play into the adolescent awkwardness that high school encompasses. I felt myself wanting to go back to high school and change so many things. Every situation highlighted is so relatable in one way or another. The humor is so on point, and the characters develop so incredibly well. I’ve been recommending this show to everyone, so all of my good MHM peeps should totally check it out (read more about it here).

2. The Wing (Website)
I first heard about The Wing about a year ago from a friend who had visited their New York location. I anxiously waited for the SF club to open, and much to my benefit, my company offered a corporate discount. I love have a female-only space where I can come to dig into my work, meet other inspiring women, grab a bite and check out a few books. It’s great to have a space that’s so comfortable and inspiring. The space is decorated so well, and you can tell every last detail has been thought about.


3. Solution ($24, Glossier)
I get nervous about jumping the gun on new Glossier products. I wait to hear reviews from random people online or my friends who have tried things before I try to purchase them. My friend, Lauren, purchased Solution and started having harsh breakouts. It’s AHA/BHA formula can be tough on clearer skin, but I felt it might help my scarring and discoloration well. After sticking to it for a few months, a finally feel like I am seeing results I haven’t been able to get before. In addition to my diet change, I can see my skin looking more glowy and vibrant. I wouldn’t recommend this to those who has a few black heads or clogged pore or two but more for those who need a more intense treatment.

From Billie’s    Instagram

From Billie’s Instagram

4. Billie Eilish (Spotify)
I was genuinely shocked when I learned about young Billie Eilish was last year (she’s currently 17 and it really forks with me). I’d heard so much buzz around her and attended festivals, like Bonnaroo and Outside Lands, where she appeared but had yet to give her a good listen. After the Coachella lineup dropped a few weeks ago, I felt like it was a good time to jump on board. I was instantly hooked by her voice and melodies. I think I was also hesitant because people kept telling me she sounded like a young Lana Del Rey – she definitely is more Banks meets Alina Baraz meets Tash Sultana. Billie has quickly become one of my favorites, and I could not be more excited to see her in April.

Taken on Day 2 and Day 16

Taken on Day 2 and Day 16

5. Whole30 (About Whole30)
My parents decided to do Whole30 about a year ago and wouldn’t stop raving about how wonderful it was. I figured it would help but could never imagine cutting out all of those things. I decided this past December that January would be a good time to try Whole30 to reset. Although I haven’t finished the full month yet, I have been so amazed at the impact it’s had on my body and mind. I’ve obviously seen myself thinning out and feeling/looking less bloated. I’ve been much less stressed and sleeping better. I started cooking and my whole relationship with food has changed. I get full quicker and don’t feel that I always need to be ordering a cocktail when out at dinner. The first week or so is definitely tough but the high energy you start to get is unmatched. I think I’ll continue these habits beyond the 30 days because of how much better I’ve felt and would highly recommend this to anyone who just wants to reset.