New Priorities / by Nadia Fallahi


A few weeks ago, I was having one of the worst days of a few super depressive weeks. I sat down and wrote a bunch of things — resolutions, goals, important upcoming dates, dreams, etc. I love strategizing and planning, so this gave me an immediate buzz.

For 2018, I didn’t have any resolutions (besides being gluten free), so instead, I opted for a theme word — accountability. I wanted to force myself to follow thru things I planned or said I was going to do, which can be quite tough for an ENTP like me. For 2019, I wanted to set resolutions that were more easily attainable than “eat healthy” or “get back in shape.”

A few days after the day I wrote my resolutions out, I decided to delete my Instagram and Snapchat apps from both of my phones (as well as Facebook on my personal phone) and detox from social media. I had hit a breaking point and wanted some time to only worry about myself and not what other people were doing. These two weeks off were quite relaxing and energizing — I spent more time being present and having more meaningful connections to those close to me. During this time, I was able to mentally, physically and emotionally reset without needed to share every minute of my life with others. The effect this had on me was beyond and really helped set a clean(er) slate for the new year.

Most of my resolutions center around higher self-awareness and care. These are usually things that I often put off or decide not to do so I can stay home and watch Real Housewives of Atlanta. I know that after doing some of these things, I can instantly start to feel more centered, calm and energized. Plus, I’m all caught up on RHOA, so there’s only one hour each week I need to dedicate to that now.

Here are the resolutions I set for myself:

  1. Read 10 books

  2. Allow one day per week to break routine without feeling bad

  3. Do at least 3 mindfulness activities or exercises every week

  4. Go on more walks and spend more time outside

  5. Do one thing every month alone that challenges me

  6. Journal 3 things I’m grateful for every morning before checking my phone

  7. Write more cathartic notes

  8. Shoot at least two projects every month

  9. Stay consistent with planner

  10. Stay focused, self-aware, driven and inspired each and every day

Now, reading these back, they remind me of that Chance the Rapper tweet a few weeks back. I’m going to still continue to go to my therapist, take my meds and start unplugging more. At the end of the day, I want to lessen the pressure while still challenging myself. I hope that these resolutions help me find a steadier ground while focusing on me and lessening distractions or toxicity.

I use the example of my social media detox to remind myself that it’s little things like this that can make everything feel so much better day to day. I’m so excited for all that 2019 has in store. While I’m sure I’ll still face my fair share of ups and downs, these are the experiences that will build me and make me stronger. So, 2019, let’s do this.