Matcha Sounds 004 & 005: November & December 2018 / by Nadia Fallahi

I feel like the last two months have been hella hectic but also not at the same time? Idk, maybe that’s my anxiety talking. I’m back with two fresh playlists to enjoy for the next month until 006 – or for eternity!

November was super crazy for me. I was out of town for five consecutive weekends, including a small journey down south to Brazil. Between all the shows, alcohol, spilled poppers and lack of visas, I found time to relax and spend time with my family and so many of my close friends. The playlist for this month is a little more dance-y than October’s and is the perfect shmood setter for those afternoons in the office when you need a party at your desk or in the morning as you’re getting set for your day.

December is always exciting but not for me. I am very excited to go home, but after Santa Con, I’m so burnt out from Christmas that I gag at the color red. I am stoked, however, to head to Mexico later this month with my family. I also am planning to use this down time to catch up on sleep (and Real Housewives of Atlanta), get my ducks in a row and set my goals for next year (more on this to come!). The December playlist encompasses some of my favorite (and most played) dance tracks this year. I wanted it to showcase a bit more breadth of my taste, but since EDM was such a big part of my year, this only felt right. This playlist includes artist I never knew nor thought I’d ever like – like Space Jesus and Excision, who both have become some of my favorites. I’m really excited to see – well, hear – how my sonar palette has changed. These tracks are a little heavier than months past, but they will all hold a very special place in my heart when I look back on 2018.

Listen to November & December here:

I’m excited for 2019 and all that’s to come. I am hoping that I am productive over the next few weeks and that using playlists like these inspire me to GET SHIT DONE! It’s so wild that it’s already been five months of Matcha Sounds, and I can’t wait to bring y’all even more in the new year.