Matcha Sounds 006: January 2019 / by Nadia Fallahi

Here we are! The first Matcha Sounds of 2019!!!

Jan 19.jpg

The turn of a new year can be incredibly exciting, energizing and electrifying. The anticipation of what the next year will bring is quite invigorating – allowing you a fresh slate upon which to start and reprioritize.

To accompany all of this buzz, I put together a playlist to pair with the start of 2019. These are songs that are feel-good and radiant, mellow and thrilling. These tracks have come to be some of my favorites over the last few months, and they really feel like you’re starting anew.

Listen here:

I’ve also gone ahead and compiled all of the songs to ever appear on Matcha Sounds into one playlist. You can listen to that one here: