5 Favorite Things - March 2018 / by Nadia Fallahi

I’m pretty sure the second I’m obsessed with something new, everyone in my vicinity can hear me screaming its praises from the rooftops.  But if you’re not close enough to hear me from Vallejo St, I figured an easy way to keep y’all in the loop is by sharing a few things I’m oozing over each month.  Some might be older than newer and I might be a little late in the game to others.  Either way, here are five things Matcha Had Me obsessed with this month.


1. Buffering Lotion, Mario Badescu ($19, Amazon)

Anyone who’s opened my medicine cabinet at home can tell you that Mario Badescu products are easily my favorite when it comes to skincare.  I haven’t tried a product of theirs I didn’t like, so of course the Buffering Lotion was going to be a smash with me.  This product is great for tackling cystic acne or those terrible under the surface pimples you know you should not even attempt to pop.

I put it on almost every night after cleansing, toning and serum-ing.  I plop a couple drops onto my fingertip and directly onto my trouble spots.  This is much better for the kind of spots I mentioned before, rather than just average whiteheads.  I would highly recommend following up with (probably my FAVORITE Badescu product) the Badescu Herbal Hydrating Serum or the Yes To Cucumber Moisturizer.  Both are super cooling and balance the alcohol from the lotion, while keeping your skin nice and hydrated.


2. Love Potion #9, Brooklyn Candle Studio ($35, Brooklyn Candle Studio)

One of my favorite boutiques in San Francisco, Anomie, carries all the best candles.  While I am a hardcore Diptyque gal (Tubereuse changes lives, okay??), I do try to branch out.  I started getting a few different Boy Smells and Overose scents, but I fell hardest for Brooklyn Candle Studio’s Love Potion #9.

I’m sure this sounds unappealing and strange, but imagine your home smelling absolutely perfect during and after burn. The candle’s scent is soft, sweet and flowery, with hints of jasmine and lavender. I have no clue about how they craft their candles, but the wax lasts a reasonable amount of time, and I have never made it to the end of a candle that’s perfectly scented my entire apartment so consistently.   Their Christmas Tree candle is just as fantastic in the winter.  And they have the cutest packaging.


3. Beoplay H4 ($299, B&o Play)

You might have heard I listen to a lot of music, so you can only imagine how important good headphones are to me (I may or may not carry 2-3 pairs in my bag to work at all times.)  After getting my Powerbeats 2 (I’ve moved to 3 now, which I also love) a few years ago, I instantly fell in love with Bluetooth headphones.  I wanted to get another great pair that were different and would be optimal for working out, being productive at work and traveling. Airpods sound quite unappealing to me (I don’t really like the fit of Apple earbuds in my ears and have separate pieces is a risk for getting lost), and I was really interested in an over-ear pair.

After much deliberation and research, I decided the Beoplay H4’s.  I LOVE these and have been recommending them to so many people.  They fit very comfortably over the ear and on top of your head.  The battery life is great - I can wear them from the time I leave my apartment in the morning until I return after work and then to the gym.  I usually rotate between the H4’s and my Powerbeats for working out depending on my mood (usually if I’m going to be doing something more rigorous, I’ll do Powerbeats).  They’re not the most noise cancelling, but they do a pretty good job and the sound quality is top notch.  If you’re in the market for something similar (or you want to enhance your current music experience), I would absolutely recommend the Beoplay H4’s.


4. Bandana Hair Scarves ($12.50, Madewell)


I first got this idea from my friend, Caroline, when she did this at Coachella a few years ago (and yes, we are eagerly counting down our return to Indio over here at MHM HQ).  Growing up, I loved wearing ribbons and headbands in my hair in grade school.  As I decided that my lewk was becoming a little more punk/tomboy-y, I grew away from the preppiness that I associated the ribbons with.  After a few years, I love the look of a scarf or bandana in the hair.

I threw one over a bun on Sunday of Coachella last year and got so many compliments on the lewk.  They can be so sleek and romantic but still easy and breezy.  It’s the perfect way to dress up your updo so effortlessly and really looks good whether you’re on your day-three gross festival hair or going out on a Saturday night.  I will definitely be rocking this look between my festivals, trip to Europe and regular days in the office.

First photo is from Caroline's Instagram, rest are from Tumblr


5. Don’t You Worry, Honey, Sir Sly (Spotify)

I’ve become especially picky about my music recently.  I think my anxiety and chronic worry also play part in this because sometimes I feel like there is so much music out there to listen to and I could never ever be able to listen to it all.  With festival lineups dropping like flies, it’s a great chance to discover a new artist before attending a festival.  I’m going to be returning to Manchester, Tennessee this year for Bonnaroo, and I’ve been super excited to get back.  My friend Ari and I are constantly sending each other new (or at least new to us) music.  He sent me a song called “&Run” by Sir Sly and said it reminded him of this Electric Guest song we’re obsessed with called “Oh Devil!” (I realized Sir Sly is going to be at Coachella, also!!!)

I decided to give the rest of the album a listen and was instantly hooked.  It has this Electric Guest meets Foster the People meets Portugal the Man meets Kali Uchis sound that is so clean and smooth.  My favorite tracks are definitely “Astronaut” and “Change.”  I think the lyrics are so sharp and roll off the tongue.  I’m super stoked to see them on The Farm and will easily be listening to this album as the weather heats up and the days get longer.

Matcha had me...avidly curating hella playlists for upcoming festivals, anxiously waiting for my hair to grow back out and aimlessly scrolling thru tumblr for the next big trends.