It's Matcha, Bitch / by Nadia Fallahi

Post accompanied by photos of what I've been doing in the last six months.

While planning my New Year’s Resolutions for 2018, the same ideas as always circled my mind.  I found myself somewhere in the realm of working out more, eating healthier, being kinder, picking up new hobbies, being nicer to nice boys, sleeping more, drinking less, etc.  Ambitious as I may be, I know these goals aren’t made to last. I decided I needed to retrofit my life with/to one overarching theme.  With a little thought, I settled on accountability.

Here are some kewt lewks of mine.  I've clearly been into fur and coats. And white boots.

By setting accountability as my theme, I figured I must hold myself accountable to anything I say out loud or (being a tech girl in a tech world) share in a tweet. Essentially, I planned to do everything I say I will do.  I have learned (through a lot of therapy and self-reflection) that I am a perfectionist. I feel inclined to always do every thing I possibly can, and then on top of that, be the absolute best (just ask me about the breakdown I had at the nutritionist a few months ago).  However, the second I’m knocked off my high horse, I immediately crumble and quit.  This is why striving for accountability is prone to success: I can set small, attainable goals day-by-day or even hour-by-hour (if you didn’t think I was crazy yet, you should see how I organize my Outlook calendar).

I’m an Aries, so I’m naturally competitive and a leader -- I always have to be the best.  I’m also an ENTP, so I’m really good at supervising, strategizing and starting things off, but I’m really terrible at seeing things through to completion.  I can also be super lazy, and sometimes a couple of hours spent in bed catching up on Vanderpump Rules sounds a lot better than writing or doing errands.

I've gone to quite a lot of shows/festivals since moving to SF.

In January, I set a goal for myself to relaunch Matcha Had Me on March 1. So here we are, right on time.  I also have set a (slightly loftier) goal of posting about once a week.  Now that I’ve put that here, I will have to hold myself accountable (see? It can work! -- well, I guess we’ll see in a few months).  Okay, or maybe I miss being called Mātch on the regular (and college, too).

I originally started MHM as a way to keep my friends and family (and loyal fans :P) updated on my latest adventures, obsessions, travels, shows, etc. And that’s what I hope to do from now on.  Rather than emerging from the shadows every time I go to a festival, I want to be able to talk about day-to-day interests, cool things I might have seen or how I travel with my new fear of flying.  

Been having some lit and fit times with all of my friends!

Call me Jasmine Master cause I have something to say.  And if no one ends up reading this ever again, at least my grandkids will have something to show their grandkids (assuming the internet still exists then).


I also chopped most of my hair off and went like 78% blonde, got a new tattoo and was Eleven for Halloween (can we talk about my DIY Eggo waffle purse????).


Matcha Had Me...chugging green tea, attempting proactivity rather than procrastination and looking forward for another matchastic year.