I'm back, binch / by Nadia Fallahi

When I asked a few months ago my parents if I could come home, they both separately responded with “What concert is going on?”  *face palm*  I knew they wouldn’t understand how once in a lifetime seeing one of my most favorite bands, The xx, at the 9:30 club would be, so I said, “Nothing!  Just wanted to come home.”  While it was The xx who brought me back, it was great to see my parents, play with Willis, catchup with my friends, sleep – a lot and of course, get some cheeky Nando’s.  

I usually try to jam pack my time when I go home since I don’t get out there often and never for an extended period of time.  However, this time was a little different.  I was still working, so I needed to be around my computer, and most of my friends were working or just not home.  These couple of days to just chill and do nothing almost were just what I needed.   

The xx was fucking incredible – simply put.  I knew I would never be able to see them this intimately ever again, so I was sure it was something I couldn’t miss.  I’ve only seen them at Coachella and Bonnaroo on the main stage pretty late at night.  I joined my good ol Croo pals, Ari and Chris, for the show, and even though we stood in the back of the club, it was still so amazing.  The show was obviously longer than a festival set, and it was unreal to hear some older deep cuts that I never thought I’d hear them play live!  I’m so, so happy I got to experience this (especially with my Croo!).

One of my favorite things to do at home is to spend these weird pockets of time with my dad.  I usually workout with him bright and early almost every morning, and I love convincing him to go eat somewhere or do random things.  I played him a bunch of songs, some new and others old, that I thought he’d like whenever we were in the car together.  It’s really amazing to see how music can transcend generations, and even if my dad and I like different things, we can still bond over similar interests.  I played him a bunch or Rüfüs dü Sol songs, and he could not get enough of them.  I really love how much he loves them, and I can’t wait to send him Solace upon its release.

I loved getting to catch up with my friends, whether it was staying up late gossiping on the couch at my parents or having a lengthy pregame before a night out jamming to all of our favorite tunes.  I spend so much time with my friends who live out here, so it’s alway amazing to make these nugget memories with my friends at home.

This time at home was also a little bittersweet.  The older I get, the more I appreciate my time there.  With my parents thinking about moving, I have been getting anxious wondering if some things would be the last time I’d do them in that home.  I may have only really lived in that house for a few years before I went to college, but when I think about going home, that’s immediately where my mind goes.  I want to slow down time, but since I don’t have that ability (never say never!), the best I can do is to be present and just enjoy the time I have.  

I’m looking forward to my next trip back east, even if it might not be for a short while.  I’m so lucky to be able to have the life I have, and I’m unbelievably blessed that no matter where my “home” really is, I always have the best people to surround me in that.

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