Style Profile 001: Caroline Feda / by Nadia Fallahi

Personal style says so much about a person.  I think it’s so interesting to see what my friends are into and what they flock to and how their signature styles come into their own.  I love being able to highlight cool things my friends do, so what better way to understand how they put together leaks day in and day out than right here on MHM!


For my first Style Profile, I interviewed my long-time wife and OG festie, Caroline.  She and I were roommates for two years in college, and there were many a time when we were digging through each other’s closets for inspiration, cute accessories or something to throw on quickly before class.  

Feda’s style, to me, is all about being edgy and playful yet comfortable at the same time.  She always has had a great eye and I’m glad she is the first Style Profile to ever grace the (web)pages of MHM!  Check out what she had to say and see some of her favorite shlewks below!


How would you describe your personal style? 
Low maintenance, trendy, eclectic

What’s one item in your closet you can’t live without? 
My silk flag shirt

What's your go-to outfit? 
A big tshirt, jeans and heeled combat boots (+ a gold necklace)

Whose style do you admire?  
Hailey Baldwin for the low bun, Kittens for the chains, 90s Brad Pitt for his overall aesthetic

Do you have motto when it comes to your style or how you choose to dress?  
“Honestly, fuck it”

What fashion or style advice would you give to your younger self?   
Step away from the Juicy Couture polo shirts and avoid flower crowns at all costs!


Favorite outfit or two you’ve ever worn?  
Any of my fest looks! Festivals are a time when I get to experiment with trends I’ve been seeing and wear super loud colors/prints. These are the looks I actually take a lot of time to plan, but they make me feel most like myself!

What’s your favorite trend right now?   
Really into collared Dad shirts and layered gold chains

And one you can't stand?   
Off the shoulder shirts – Why do I want to look like a giant walking box?


And just cause I have to ask, what’s your favorite matcha item?    
Iced Matcha Latte (with Almond Milk) from Alfred…if you know you know.