Matcha Sounds 002: September 2018 / by Nadia Fallahi

September usually means two things – school is back and summer is over.  Well, I’m out of school, so summer is a little different, and in SF, we have Indian summers (they’re a real thing – I swear), so it should start to warm up a bit.

To match the heat we will (hopefully) be getting soon, I put together this month’s Matcha Sounds to really get your body boiling.  For 002, I wanted to dig into some tracks that might make you think a second time.  I wanted to include some of my recent favorites as well as some bonafide bangers I’ve been finding.  

Recognize this pic from  one of my last visits to LA ?

Recognize this pic from one of my last visits to LA?

I planned this playlist takes you on a journey: we start a little chaotic and warm up, get heavy, then a little dark, calm down a little and end on a sweet note.  002 includes some of my favorite artists like Anna Lunoe, Crystal Castles, Zeds Dead and Lane 8.

I hope that this playlist spices up your September as the days get a little shorter and nights longer.  This playlist is dedicated to that underground club kid I know we all have inside of us that we so eagerly aspired to be at some point in our lives.  

Listen here:

Also, are there songs you want me to know?  Others you think I should include?  Let me know!

Cheers to 002 and see you in October!  Listen back to 001 from August here.