Summer of Hardstyle / by Nadia Fallahi

This was my first summer as a full fledged adult. I was nervous about working full time and watching the warmer (well, maybe not in SF) months pass by. The summer may not have the same excitement as those in the past, but that is not to say it was any less jam packed. Something something but I guess that’s part of growing up, right?

The summer kicked off with my family trip to Europe and ended with a long weekend in Boston celebrating my brother’s 21 birthday. I definitely saw some ups and downs, but as I look forward to the shortened days and golden leaves, I leave summer and enter autumn with little regret and a warm heart.

As I look back on the past few months, I reflect on how lucky I am to be surrounded by the circle of friends that I keep close. No matter how excited I was about something or whenever I was feeling quite anxious and low, I always had those close to me to reach out to support me. It’s really crazy to think about where I was nine or ten years ago and see how much has changed in my life, and I’m truly blessed to be where I am now – even with all the days I complain about work or fight to leave my bed.

On a happier note, there were so many highlights of my summer. I’ll first and foremost remember this as the year that the Caps F I N A L L Y snatched the Stanley Cup. Getting to watch that final game at Bonnaroo, one of my favorite places, with my friends from home and so many other DC fans was something truly special.


Some of my other favorite moments included:

  1. Introducing my dad to silent disco

  2. Swimming in Capri

  3. Experiencing that fateful Friday seeing Kayzo and Rufus

  4. Drunk eating at Chez Maman after Dolores during Pride

  5. Going to bed at 5 PM the next day

  6. Giggling about Pangaea

  7. Causing a ruckus at Audiotistic

  8. Roaming around Silverlake drinking Matchabar

  9. Drinking far too much with the Croo

  10. Surprising Camille for her birthday

  11. Dancing on tables at Outside Lands while watching Florence + The Machine

  12. Scavanging for piñata stuffers at Zoe’s birthday party

  13. Eating way too much gluten at Jon and Vinny’s

  14. Getting matching tattoos with my brother for his birthday

I’m excited for the weather to start warming up a little more in SF (accompanied to the tune of Matcha Sounds) and starting to look forward to those Saturday benders at Mayes watching USC games.

Thanks summer 2018, you will be missed!