MATCHA SOUNDS 011: JUNE 2019 / by Nadia Fallahi

It’s Juneeeeeee (even if only for a few more days)!

Jun 19.jpg

June always makes me smile because it marks the beginning of summer days when I feel most carefree and least (or at least, less) anxious. One huge part of June for me is, of course, Bonnaroo. This year’s festival was incredible, and I’ll share some more content soon!

June is also Pride month. This is a time to celebrate love and our loved ones who identify as LGBTQA+. I would not be who I am today without my friends and loved ones who identify as such, so it’s only right that I take the time this month (and all other 11 month, really) to cherish, celebrate and support them.

At Roo this year, House of Yes hosted the first ever Pride parade on the farm. A few of us went over to their barn to participate in the festivities and then join in the parade as it passed thru on its way to Centeroo. As we broke it down on the dance floor dripping in sweat, I couldn’t help but smile. There’s a very special energy that pride brings, and although I identify as straight, I knew how important gatherings like this are for my friends.

I made a playlist of songs that are very pride-esque and get the party started. It’s perfect to throw on at Dolores during the Saturday of SF pride weekend or Sunday morning as we get ready for the festivities. Coincidentally enough, the House of Yes dj at Roo Pride basically played the same set of songs, so I knew this had be be a good one.

Happy June, Happy Roo and Happy Pride!! See you in July.

Listen here: