Lost in a Sea of White Kids in Basketball Jerseys / by Nadia Fallahi

When my mom moved to Chicago this past winter, my brother and I decided we were going to visit for Lollapalooza.  I was less enthused when I saw the day lineups considering that the acts I wanted to see most (i.e. Svdden Death, Rüfüs Du Sol, The Strokes, Flume) were on Thursday and Sunday, defeating my plan to just go Friday and Saturday.  

However, due to a series of fortunate events, I found myself in Chicago the week of Lolla.  I was able to hit the Rüfüs side show (which was reallyyyyyyy sick considering it was my tenth show of theirs because it was in a 1000 capacity theater), and my mom snagged me free wristbands for Thursday.

Shots from the Rüfüs sides how the night before Lollapalooza

I went to the festival with my friend, Ryan, and was able to give my extra wristband to my friend Peter, who I met at Bonnaroo two years ago and now go with every year.   Ryan came to Roo with us last year, so it was really fun to get together.  We headed in hella early to join the youths in basketball jerseys at Perry's Stage for Svdden Death.  First drop of “Sell Out” hits, I start to headbang, Ryan hits me (by accident), and my sunglasses fly off my face in two pieces.  Never in my festing has this happened.  But I said whatever, and we continued.

It was so fun to see Rüfüs again, even with a daytime set.  We were able to link up with a bunch of different friends (many of our Roo people which made it super special), and we just danced around and sang along to every word.

Blinded by the light that is Julian Casablancas

Blinded by the light that is Julian Casablancas

And then, The mother fucking STROKES!  Ryan and I linked up with a few friends, and the five of us headed for all of our first times seeing The Strokes.  The intro of "Heart in a Cage" begins and we all just scream some "OH MY GOD"s (it was so impactful that I even opened Matcha Sounds 013 with it).  Second song? Another hit – "You Only Live Once" – aka my favorite Strokes songs.   We were going IN during the whole set, even singing along to every last guitar chord and solo.  Julian Casablancas is a rockstar, and I loved watching his presence.  The energy in the crowd was wild, and this was hands down one of the best sets I've ever seen in my life.

Crowning moment of the day was a 17 year old kid behind us at The Strokes leaning in to say "I really respect how hard you guys are going."   I probably wouldn't go to Lolla again without a free ticket, but the day was definitely a great time.