Headbanging, Black Eyes and Golf Carts / by Nadia Fallahi

At this point, you've probably seen me post about my black eye and wondered what happened.  Hard Summer – that's what happened.  I was also able to snag a free ticket to this festival,  so I was even more excited to endure the heat, youths and lack of water in Fontana.  


Jackson, Joanna and I headed east to first stop at a DoubleTree Hotel to pickup our wristbands.  The artist check in was also there, and I spotted Shlohmo, which was super exciting since I used to be quite obsessed with him freshman year of college and considering the quantity of WEDIDIT shirts I own.   


We all acquired our wristbands and started to head to the car and that's when I saw him, Jasha Tull, in the flesh.  You may also know him as Space Jesus, and if you really know me, you know how much my friends and I love him.  I very nonchalantly went up said, "Yo, Jasha," asked for a selfie and brought up Roo – so nonchalantly that neither Joanna nor Jackson even realized who it was.  When I told them, they started laughing because they knew it was a big deal for me.

We go to see DJ Diesel (aka Shaq) first in the Green Tent.  A mosh pit opens up in front of us, so I tossed my backpack at Joanna and hop in.  After a few minutes, I try to leave, and as I do – boom – literally butt heads with another guy.  I run out feel my face and notice a huge bump as the guy runs back over to make sure I'm ok.  I knew it was him because my glitter was all up in his eyebrows.  I tried to make it thru the rest of the set, but I finally gave in and went to medical.  I sat for maybe five minutes before I grabbed my icepack, determined to make it back to Green for Space Jesus's set.

The rest of the night was great.  I got to see Excision for the first time, which was incredibly thrilling, as he went b2b with NGHTMRE – definitely my favorite set of the day, with Cudi at a close second!!!

Sunday I woke up with a swollen face, eggplant-colored eye and an eyebrow that was one inch higher than the other.  I covered it up and slathered some glitter on it before Jackson and I headed back to the racetrack.  

Even though it was significantly warmer than the day before, Sunday was so, so, SO much fun – holy shit.  Jackson and I tore up every VIP section, often hopping up on the steps of the barricades and going ham.  We did this for my favorite set of the day, Subtronics b2b Dirt Monkey.  My god, that set was unreal.  I've never gone harder during a set while sweating so much.  The energy in the tent was next level, but that's because Jesse fucking knows what he's doing.  Even Jackson was saying "Ooo that shit be hittin' different" the rest of the day.


We bopped around through the other stages for the rest of the night, but our peak was definitely getting golf carted from Major Lazer all the way over to RL Grime.  We hopped on a picnic table in VIP and just were going crazy.  Even though security asked us to get down, we had such a great time.

Jackson and I, I don't think, really had a lot of expectations other than what Hard is infamous for, and we were pleasantly surprised.  We will definitely be returning, even if that means another black eye.