Mambo No. 5 / by Nadia Fallahi

It’s, like, so wild to me that this is already my fifth year at Coachella (sixth time if you count my two weekends in 2017). So in honor of this momentous occasion, I’m playing with a theme of five. The five top artists you need to see, trends you’re going to see, things you need to do there and items you need to pack.

I’m quite excited for Coachella this year, and I’m stoked on this year’s lineup, especially considering how meh last year’s was. I didn’t realize how much I was fiending to fest until I accidentally stumbled into an EDC Mexico pre-party when I was in Mexico City in February. I love festivals because there a great chance to really dive into the music, eat some incredible food, bond with your friends and just let go.

I love Coachella – it’s as simple is that. Frockling across the polo fields, breaking it down in the Sahara Tent, filling up on Spicy Pie and everything in between all make it what it is. The festival’s growth over the last six years has been crazy, but at the root of it, we’re all here to have a good time and (selling out) change is inevitable.

Let’s get started.


Five Artists You Need to See

I wanted to make sure to highlight some artists I’ve been most excited to see in Indio this year. I will obviously be in attendance at Rüfüs, Diplo, Ariana, NGHTMRE, Dillon, Tame Impala, etc.

1. Billie Eilish (Saturday)

Songs I’m most excited to hear: Bad Guy, COPYCAT, Bellyache

Billie is a force to be reckoned with. She played at some of the festivals I went to last year, but I hadn’t given her a chance. When she was announced for Coachella, I knew it was time to give her a listen (she was even one of my most favorite things in January). Billie’s new album is unbelievable, and I truly believe that show will be so, so fun. I’m also quite anxious to see what she’s gonna wear.

2. Kayzo (Friday)

Songs I’m most excited to hear: Wasted Space, Last Resort (The Rework), Forever

Y’all already know I was going to say this because Hayden is my boy. I saw him a few times last year, and each time was so fun. Seeing at him during Bonnaroo at The Other was one of my top memories of last year’s festival. I love how he mixes so many genres together, like dubstep, hardstyle, metal and pop punk together – and you can’t help to really headbang and get into it. Kayzo will probably be early on Friday, so I highly recommend getting there earlyyyyyy.

3. Kid Cudi (Saturday)

Songs I’m most excited to hear: Reborn, Cudi Zone, Mr. Rager

To say Kid Cudi saved my life would be an understatement. He is one of the most incredible artists of our time, and his shows are some of my favorite. I love seeing how far he’s come on his personal journey. He puts it all into those shows and everyone will be having the best time. Cudi also sound un-fucking-real live, so you better get your ass to this show. This is gonna be my sixth time seeing him, and I’m just excited as I was the first time.

4. Lizzo (Sunday)

Songs I’m most excited to hear: Tempo, Boys, En Love

Twerking, live vocals, flutes AND shooting? Sign my the fuck up. Lizzo has really grown in the last year, and I’m so excited to see what else is in store for her. Her show is about to be fucking wild, and I would very highly suggest getting there. Call your twerk team and get ready to be fucking shook. I’ve never seen her before, and I couldn’t be more ready.

5. SOLANGE (Sunday)

Songs I’m most excited to hear: Mad, Almeda, Stay Flo

Sorry, but Solange is definitely the cooler Knowles sister. I’ve written, tweeted and spoke about how much I admire Solange so many times, so you can only guess how amped I am for Coachella. Solange is a fucking artistic genius – she is so, so sharp in her craft and her vision shows thru every single inch of her work. Solange’s live show is quite the spiritual experience and only living it first-hand can truly explain it. I cannot wait to see how her show has changed since the release of her latest album, When I Get Home.

The Five Trends You’re Going to See

Based on my scientific research (general knowledge of the fashion industry, award-winning style, consumption of fashion publications, observation of Instagram ads), these are some of the top trends I think will be most popular in Indio this April (you can click on the photos if you’re interested in the following items!!!).

1. Fringe Skirts and Dresses

This is a trend that is popular more years than ever, but I’ve been seeing it so much on different websites. These are super cute to pair with a bodysuit, killer boots or sweet lil hat. 

2. Crystal Fishnet

I really didn’t think I was into this trend, but the more I’ve been seeing it, the more I’ve been down with it. There’s a ton of cool different silhouettes all over the interwebs. They’ll also provide a perfect Kira Kira opportunity.


Snakeskin has really come back into style full force. Literally any item your heart might desire probably comes in snakeskin and any color variety. I think it’s a fun print that you can dress up or down very easily.

4. Neon

This is for sure one of my favorite trends of the moment (and this may or may not be in part to my increased PLUR activities). Neon is always, always fun (look how much fun I’m having in this lil lewk) and always a good idea.

5.Bike Shorts

You already know my feelings on these. They’re super flattering and so very comfortable. You will be incredibly mobile and ready for anything in these.

The Five Things You Need to Do There

Music is the most important part of any festival, but you always gotta be sure to experience some of the smaller things too. Not to mention, some of the can’t-miss moments.


1. Do Desert X (

Okay, so technically this isn’t at Coachella, but it’s still worth your time. Desert X (left) started in 2017 and is finally back this year. I genuinely do mean it when I say this – Desert X was the best day of my life. You get to basically do a large-scale scavenger hunt thru the desert cities and see some phenomenal art. 

2. Go in the Heineken House

This was probably my highlight (besides RL Grime’s surprise DoLab set) last year. I rallied my friends to stop in to see Quix (below), and it was WILD (peep us on the right). I’m extremely excited to see what this year’s lineup will bring, but no matter who it is, I would totally get in there.

3. Visit all the Installations (at least those that aren’t moving)

Coachella brings in incredible artist each and every year who help contribute to that iconic skyline. Some of the notable piece in the past have been the spaceman, butterfly, robot, piñatas, etc. These are also super great to double as meeting points.

Quix in the Heineken House last year

Quix in the Heineken House last year

4. Indulge on the Food 

They do not fuck around with the food at Coachella, lemme tell you that. They even built a whole new tent for food last year. When you have more time to kill, definitely go and try something out of the ordinary or if you’re in a rush, you can never go wrong with Spicy Pie or those popsicles. 

5. Check out the Merch Tent

So you’re probably thinking, “that’s dumb,” but I’ll stop you right there. A ton of artist will release Coachella-only merch with that year’s dates on it somewhere. I love being able to look back on my experience every time I wear these pieces, and the official Coachella merch can be a great souvenir to bring back.

The Five Items You Need to Pack


These are pretty similar to year’s past, but as my duty in being Fest Mom, it’s important to remind you.

1. Icy Hot Patches ($2.49, Walgreens)

I cannot stress enough how much these guys have saved my life. I’ve been known to bang a head or throw a ‘bow here and there, so I always need to make sure all my muscles can stay intact throughout the weekend. I love putting one (or four) on my neck or lower back when I get home each night, and then by morning, I usually feel much better after a lil stretching.

2. Bandana ($1+, Walmart)

The dust can be BAD, family. Not only will you look cool in all your pics (!!!!! content time baby !!!!!!), but you will also protect your lungs! I like to tie mine to my fanny pak or in my hair (fashion statement!!!!) until it gets to that time.

3. Speakers ($129, Amazon)

Music makes the people come together, right? I do not travel without my speakers – music is a great way for me to relax because I get so very anxious when I travel. You’ll hate yourself if you’re tryna turn up with an iPhone speaker – trust. 

4. Activated Charcoal Pills ($10.99, Amazon)

You always need to stay on the health game when traveling and at festivals. I like taking charcoal with me to festivals to help me detox (right before I start to re-tox). Charcoal has been scientifically proven to have many benefits as it binds to the toxins in your body and helps flush your system. One pill isn’t going to do much, so don’t expect a total makeover.

5. Paper Schedule 

Technically, you’ll need to get this on the festival grounds, but it’s worth throwing in your bag. I like being able to just pull that out to easily look at set times without having to drain my phone battery. It’s also a good piece to take home with you.

To help you prepare for the infamous pilgrimage east, I put together yet another playlist, which is a special, extra-long edition of Matcha Sounds. In case you’re journey is a big longer or you want to switch it up, there’s always the 2017 and 2018 playlists to switch to. As always, this playlist with feature a mix of artists on the lineup, other tracks I’m loving right now and some absolute classics.

I cannot wait to see what Coachella will bring this year. This Mambo No. 5 year will be something else, and I am so ready to get into that desert sun. Be sure to stay tuned to my Instagram for all the excitement and details of which sets I’ll be attending.