HBD 2 ME / by Nadia Fallahi

The second the clock strikes midnight on March 1st, I go right into birthday mode.  Since my birthday is on the 31, I feel like it’s only right that the whole month is mine.  March has been deemed “Miracle Month” by my friends and me a few years ago, and I like to think the tradition continues.  On top of that, March is the best because we get to celebrate events like Daylight Savings and Nowrouz. Plus, it means we’re thatttttt much closer to Coachella (post on that coming next week).

Birthdays over the years from 16 to 22

I’ve had a wide range of birthday celebrations over the years.  From an Apprentice-themed party (I can’t even talk about it) to an 18th birthday celebration where half of the guest list was thrown out, I’ve seen my fair share of ups and downs.  On my 20th, my friend Brendan was drying my tears all the way down Figueroa (which was also after I lost my luggage in the middle of Nowhere, Nevada when my bag rolled off the bus home from Vegas). A year later, I rang in my 21st with my brother and some of my best friends chugging a bottle of Dom Perignon we ordered at the club (I was home and in bed before 2 AM).  

Playing slots in Vegas when I wasn't legally supposed to, me and Andrew (also an MVP that week) on my actual 20th, me and a terrible mistake I would admit to my dad the next day out of our guilt, me and my friends with the same mistake

Last year, though, we started 22 on a high note.  Celebrations started early while I was on Spring Break in Cabo.  On the eve of my birthday, midnight hit at a fraternity exchange before we ran back to my favorite establishment in all of LA,  the 901 Bar and Grill. We finished the night off with crispy chicken tacos from (fka) the one and only, Chano’s.  I had so much fun that I almost missed the 6 AM bus to Vegas - a weekend event that only could’ve been followed up with a second round of Vegas one week later, for my “rescheduled” birthday.  Both weekends were oodles of fun, so many thanks to Andrew and Joe for bringing me along. (Even if Andrew paid for me to get paddled by a waitress or Joe and I almost getting married.  Oh, and there was that one time we fell in a pool.)

Weekends 1 and 2 in Vegas last year -- almost like b2b Coachella weekends

This year, I look forward to entering 23 surrounded by some of the most amazing people.  I have seen a lot of change in the last year, and I have grown in so many ways.  In the next year, I hope to challenge myself and accomplish many goals, both personal and professional.  I look forward to so many fun and exciting things but will try not to focus on perfection and everything needing to go my way.  If there’s anything I’ve learned in the last year or so it’s that some of the best things happen when you least expect them.  You have to live life for you, and the rest will come naturally.

I originally was going to make a wishlist for this post, but I found it hard to pinpoint actual things I really wanted.  I did gift myself a new Mansur Gavriel bag, both for my birthday and after getting my bonus payout. I’m super excited to have this as my first real purchase as an adult (lame but you can’t bring me down!), and I’m sure it’ll be making quite a few appearances on my Instagram.

As you can see, a lot of drinking was involved and no eyes were kept open

My birthday happens to land on a Saturday this year.  I plan to spend the day brunching (and drinking) with my friends, visiting the psychic and enjoying springtime in San Francisco.  Later in the evening, my friends and I, in our very best 70s/Studio 57 garb, will take on SF, first with karaoke (I had to have a karaoke birthday party since (my queen) Eddie Huang had a karaoke birthday party) and then to one of the city’s fine evening establishments.  I also ordered ten rolls of film last week and am planning to get through a whole one on Saturday, so stay tuned for that.

A few other birthday goodies from the last few years

This year, I am hoping for continual growth.  I want to learn to strengthen my patience, reach out more when I need help and not be so hard on myself.  I want to work on how I prioritize my time and remember to leave more time for myself. I want to conquer some of my fears and do something that will surprise myself.

Cheers to an amazing year at 22 and an even better one at 23!

Matcha had me...warming up my vocals, hydrating for a long weekend and gearing up for an amazing year.