LA July 2018 / by Nadia Fallahi

Everyone knows how much I love LA.  Once I committed to USC for college, I never thought I would ever live anywhere else.  Oh, how the tables turned on me.  They say distance makes the heart grown fonder, and the longer I’ve been away, the more special each visit to LA becomes.

It had been quite some time since I’d been down south.  I was going quite frequently in the fall, and I’m still not sure if it made it easier or harder to try to transition to my life in San Francisco.  After almost eight months away, I figured it was time to go back for a quick weekend visit.

I stayed with my friend, Caroline, which was super fun since the last few times we’ve been together were for festivals.  We joked that we hadn’t seen each other in regular clothes in quite sometime and how we were running out of ideas of what to do.

My last few visits to LA were packed with activities, gamedays, dinners, etc., so it was super nice to just hangout and catch up with friends.  

I spent time bopping around Fairfax and Melrose, flirting with waiters and baristas, eating massive tacos, giggling about the old days, dancing in a warehouse (after getting lost and contemplating if we would die there), stuffing my face with Chinese food after a night out, trying CBD shots and wondering if they actually prevented my hangover, surprising my friends, drinking homemade matcha and snapping some cute little shots along the way.

Side note — As you may have been able to tell, my disposable film obsession is taking over my life, and I’m so excited whenever I go to pickup my rolls.  I love being able to be more careful about my shots.  This has been super exciting, yet at times difficult, but the outcome is almost always amazing. 

I’m planning to go back in a few weeks to see Zoe for her birthday, and I could not be more excited.  There’s something special about that City of Angels, and I hope that I’m able to move back as soon as possible.

Matcha had me...sippin' on matchabuchas, storying my dry laugh and screaming all the mamma mia lyrics.