Welcome! / by Nadia Fallahi

Welcome to Matcha Had Me (MHM), a compilation of my interests, travels and daily life through audio and visual media.  I am so excited to finally launch the website!  After participating in MATTE BLACK'S Social Derby in the fall while interning for them, I learned so much about the importance of building a brand and how to do it best -- aesthetically, of course.

In anticipation for my study abroad trip I am leaving for tomorrow, I wanted to create somewhere for me to share all of my adventures throughout Europe with my family and friends besides Instagram and Snapchat.  With my iPhone, Nikon and laptop in tow, I think I will finally be ready to embark on the MHM journey!

The last two weeks, I have been thinking a lot about how much has changed in the last few years since coming to USC.  I was looking at a collage I made of photos from high school to hang on my wall during my freshman year.  It was crazy to me to think about how much my interest and priorities to change, how much I have grown.  Coming to USC was one of the best decisions I have made (still wondering how in the world I got in), and I have met some of the most amazing people and had so many unreal experiences.  While I guess I can say I have some regrets, everything has helped to make me who I am. 

Yesterday, I spent a good some of time thinking about where I was as a a rising junior in high school.  I was nervous and naïve, unsure of myself as I was coming more into my own.  I am finally at point where I can stand on my own two feet and feel comfortable with myself, and not let myself be taken advantage of.

I am beyond excited to travel throughout Europe and start to build up MHM!  I would love to bring everyone in my suitcase, but sadly I am too close to the 50-pound limit (really pushing 46 right now).  Hopefully Matcha Had Me can give everyone a better glimpse into my life as I VSCO photos, tap it back at Soulcycle, pretend I eat healthily and obsess over Gaga.

Matcha Had Me.............Excited to travel...and build my instagram aesthetic tbh