STYLE PROFILE 003: JENNY KIM / by Nadia Fallahi

Style Profiles is a section on Matcha Had Me highlighting my amazing friends and their incredible senses of style.  Someone's style says so much about them – from what they're into, how they choose to present themselves and really show who they are.  I love supporting those I care about, so this is a chance to showcase all their best lewks and learn more a little about them.


Our third installment of Style Profiles features none other than Jennifer Bieber herself, Jenny Kim! I’ve known Jenny for a few years now, but it was only in the past year or so that we really squaded up. What I love most about Jenny’s style is how specific it is to her. She’s never to ambitiously take on any trend and truly rock it.

Jenny and I have a pretty similar palette (ask her about all the times we’ve run into each other at work in almost the same exact outfit), but I always appreciate the spin Jenny puts on it. Whether an afternoon at Dolores, a weekend festival or just another day in the office, Jenny never disappoints. Forever my plur wife, here’s what Jenny had to say:


How would you describe your personal style? 

Classic with an edge, but according to my sister, my style is "all over the place"...

What’s one item in your closet you can’t live without?

Underwear? Alternatively, my oversized blazer

What's your go-to outfit?

Fitted jeans, tucked in shirt or tank, and a fun shoe

Whose style do you admire?

Dua Lipa (left), Peggy Gou (middle), coco_pinkprincess (right), Jeff Goldblum

Do you have motto when it comes to your style or how you choose to dress?

Dress with style and class, but not at the cost of practicality and comfort!

What fashion or style advice would you give to your younger self?
Don't get bangs. Just don't.

Favorite outfit or two you’ve ever worn?

My clashing print Coachella outfit and whatever I wear to bed

What’s your favorite trend right now?
Artist merch (and no, not a Rolling Stones tee) and clashing prints

And one you can't stand?
PEPLUM. Even the word is awful.

And just cause I have to ask, what’s your favorite matcha item?
When I'm feeling ambitious (because I have awful caffeine tolerance) iced matcha latte w/ boba from Boba Guys, please!