Fall Full of Music / by Nadia Fallahi

One of the best parts of living in Los Angeles is the fact that basically everyone rolls through here on tour, and some even plan special events for the City of Angels.  A ton of my favorite artists will be coming to town this Fall and I am so excited to go see them.


Here's some of the shows I am planning on going to before 2016:


1. Kanye West Performing 808's & Heartbreak -- Hollywood Bowl, September 25 & 26

If you know anything about me, you know that 808's & Heartbreak is hands-down my favorite Kanye album, I personally think his best, as well as one of my all-time favorites, overall.  This album was extremely progressive for Kanye -- using deeper beats, unreal drums and vocal layering, as well as tasteful auto-tuning.  This stand-out direction is one many other artists in this genre are trying to do now.  There is truly not one track I do not enjoy listening to, and the album is even one that I chose to listen front-to-back through.  (My brother often jokes that the "You're just an LA girl" line from "RoboCop" is the story of my life -- no shame.)

Kanye, obviously, will put on a great show, so I expect nothing less.  I saw him last year at Made in America, and it was still insanity.  I only think it's a sign of this album's iconicity that he is choosing it to do ALL THE WAY THROUGH IN ITS ENTIRETY seven years after its release.  Artistically, this album is perfection and the show will not be any short of that -- not to mention, the presale for the first show soldout so quickly that they added a second show.  

This will be a magical evening spent under the stars.   



2. Disclosure -- LA Sports Arena, September 29

I'm not sure why, but when I went to start writing this, the word "STIMULATION!" started popping up in my mind. If you didn't already know, that's one of the songs from Disclosure's last album, Settle.  The brother duo is back with a new album, Caracal, set to release September 25.  They have been doing endless promotion for this album by releasing many of the new tracks and accompanying videos ahead of the release. 

I saw Disclosure for the first, and only time, last year at Coachella.  We were probably 200 yards, at least, from the stage with more than enough room to dance around with everyone by us, and this was something I will never forget (it really was one of the best nights of my whole life).  I cannot wait to see what their show will look like in an arena vs at a festival. (Also they have great Boiler Room sets.)  I am excited to hear my favorites from the last album and see (or hear, I guess) what they'll do with the new tracks.

Also, bonus points because the show is literally at USC, so yes, I will be skipping my night class for this.  


3. Jamie xx -- The Shrine, October 11 & 12

I can't help but smile whenever I think about Jamie xx.  Whether you are a fan of The xx or not, there is no denying that Jamie is insanely talented and creative, and he really knows how to put a great set together.  Jamie was actually the reason that I started getting into Boiler Room as I stumbled upon a set of his randomly one day. (Here's another really good one, too)

Jamie released a new album called In Colour this past summer.  It was definitely a little deeper than I had expected, as my main reference points for him were "Far Nearer," "Sleep Sound," "Girl" and "All Under One Roof Raving," amongst his remixes for The xx.  I read an article that described the tracks on the album as a "spring morning," and I could not agree more after becoming more familiar with the work.

I saw the last section of Jamie's set at Coachella this past year, and fell a little disappointed, but after hearing how incredible his set at Hard Summer was, I am more excited.  I think The Shrine will be a really great venue for his show.


4. Florence + The Machine -- Hollywood Bowl, October 17

My friend Morgan texted me randomly one day over the summer saying that she impulsively bought tickets to see Florence, and there was nothing I could say but something along the lines of "YAAAAAAAS" or "SISSSSSSSS."  Florence is a majestical woodland fairy godmother, simply put.  I have always loved her work and regularly listen to her live sets when I am doing homework.  There is something so soothing and comforting about her music that you can't not like her.

Florence released her third studio album this summer, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, and it does not fall short of the excalibur of her first two albums. I would highly recommend watching her new music videos on Youtube because the cinematography is unreal and the cohesiveness with the tracks is beautiful. I used to listen to Florence a whole lot after the passing of my friend during my senior year of high school, especially "Never Let Me Go."  Her music has played a special role in my life, so I am very excited about this show.

I also, surprise, saw Florence at Coachella this past year (did you know I went!!!!), and the poor bebe broke her foot jumping off the stage during "Dog Days" (#2decicatedDoe).  Hopefully things turn out a little better for her this time.


5. Grimes -- Mayan Theater, November 2

Today at the gym, I noticed that Pitchfork posted a tour announcement, and I could not believe my eyes.  Grimes was going on tour! Hallelujah! I have been OBSESSED with Grimes since I was 17 and have somehow managed to not see her live.  I loooooooove watching her perfect videos and listening to her live sets because her work is unreal and even better live (even though I've only seen/heard YouTube uploads rather than IRL).

Grimes makes this super unreal dance-y, synth-y, electro bangers that are beautiful.  She is one of the most interesting people that I follow musically and on social media.  She has a huge portfolio of work and her random projects are even crazy, like that holiday song she made with her brother last year.  I am really stoked for her new album and cannot wait to see what her live show will be like.  I am sure that it's going to be a magical fantasy land filled with sweet, sweet tunes.


She also works with crazy cool people, so you never know who may turn up (in both ways) at the show.  I am praying that Blood Diamonds is there and I can take a pic with him like this time at Made in America last year after Kanye's set:


6. Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival -- Expo Park, November 14

I am proud to say that I have gone to this 2/3 years so far since it has started.  Tyler, the Creator is probably one of the smartest business people I know.  Besides being successful with his own music, he has created his own group and label, soldout tours and festivals around the world, created multiple clothing lines with his own store on Fairfax (RIP), and amongst other things, started having this carnival just because he felt like it.

The Carnival lineup never disappoints. I mean without it, I may never have seen Frank Ocean live (again, RIP).  There is always a ton of things to do at the Carnival so there is not a dull moment.  I was a little salty when I saw the Rocky/Tyler dates and didn't see LA listed, but I should have known better.  I am super excited for Rocky because I have never seen him live before and especially for...........FLOSSTRADAMUS(!!!!!!!!!!) (#HDYGRLZ). This duo is literally unreallllll live and I am so excited to see them for a third time (after two Coachellas :)).

Bonus points because it's at USC, so there is not a reason not to go.


7. RAC -- The Shrine, November 20

I had a little too much fun at What So Not during Coachella, so I did not get a chance to see RAC's set.  I have not seen him live before or really listened to his live sets, so I am very excited to see this show.  Plus, it's at The Shrine, so that will be dope.

This was a boring entry but his work is rad, so I am sure the show will be great.


8. The Weeknd -- The Forum, December 9

Ughhhhhhhhh I am so ready for this show, even though it's in three months.  I remember hearing about The Weeknd from my best friend in high school and first beginning to listen to him.  I watched his set from the 2012 Coachella and remember not being too impressed, but I still listened to him a little here and there.  When the lineup for Coachella last year came out, I started listening to him a ton more to set the mood (three months early).

Fast forward to Saturday of Weekend 1, my two friends and I head over to the main stage after Floss for The Weeknd's set and a guy that was working security for the handicap platform called one of my friends over.  We ended up being able to go up on the platform to watch the set, which was incredible.  It is a moment that always sends chills down my spine every time I tell this story.  The set was magical, even if there were no special guests.  Plus, over my study abroad trip this summer, we could not stop listening to Triology.

I am really excited to see his show in arena form, especially with the release of his new album Beauty Behind the Madness.  This will be a perfect show to close the semester with, for sure.



I feel like this is rambly but I'm very excited, if you couldn't tell.  Would highly recommend these shows if you are in the LA area or see who is coming to your city.  Each show will be very unique and incredible experiences.


Matcha Had Me...a bit unhappy about my wallet but ready to see my favorites live.