MATCHA SOUNDS 014: SEPTEMBER 2019 / by Nadia Fallahi

I know that Spring usually marks new beginnings and blossoming, but there’s always something about the fall that feels fresh and recharging. I even tweeted the other day that I love how productive I am during Virgo season. I know it’s not technically Autumn yet, but in my mind September 1 means Fall – even if it’s finally SF Summer.

Sept 19.jpg

August was JAM packed, geez. After my leave, I spent almost four weeks traveling for work in Mexico City, LA and Chiang Mai. I was quite nervous about that much travel since I had major issues with traveling earlier this year, but things were so smooth.

Although I’m not going back to school, it still feels like I’m getting ready for a new academic year. I start a new job this month, and I could not be more excited to get started. In lieu of these new starts, I wanted to put together a playlist of songs I love throwing on in the morning while I get myself together to start my day.

Autumn, in part with Virgo season, is always a great time to reprioritize and get everything on track. In the week I’ve been back from Chiang Mai, I’ve been so good about being on top of everything personal and business related. I even just made an enormous to do list for my weekend, and I intend to cross off every last item.

I hope this playlist also reenergizes you and inspires you to get up and kick some ass. See you in October!

Listen here:

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