MATCHA SOUNDS 015: OCTOBER 2019 / by Nadia Fallahi

The last month has been super crazy.  Like I mentioned last month, I love Virgo season because of my increased productivity of focus.  This really came in handy with starting a new job, cleaning out my closet, traveling for work, etc.

Oct 19.jpg

I love the Fall because for many reasons, but I love the sudden increase in the number of live shows I get to attend.  Last week, Camille and I got to see Vampire Weekend (for my first time ever!!!!), and I forgot how fucking good it was to see the acts of my youth.  In the next week and a half after this show alone, I have Wakaan Festival in Arkansas (W’s up!) and four other shows – Lana del Rey, Jonas brothers, Sofi Tukker and the space mom herself, Rezz.

I’m hyped to see all of these acts because 1. I love all of them so very much and 2. I know each will be so very different one to the next.  Nonetheless, I love to pride myself on the wide range of my music taste, especially because it’s this mix of all different sounds that have shaped my musical identity in a way.

This month’s playlist is largely influenced by the acts I’m seeing over the next two months with some of my other favorites.  Listening through the playlist has, for sure, made me more excited for each show.  And you can be sure to follow along on my Instagram.

Long live live music, and see you in November! 

Listen here:

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