Matcha Sounds 010: May 2019 / by Nadia Fallahi

Well, I’m back and finally (somewhat) recovered from Coachella. It was a glorious weekend in the desert, and once I figure out how to get an E6 slide roll of film developed, I’ll upload all of that good content.

Sofi Tukker was, hands down, my favorite act other than Kid Cudi. There was something so special about the entire production – their stage presence, engagement with the crowd, lights, visuals, guests – that really drew me in. I’ve been obsessed with them since my return home, so this month’s playlist is inspired by them and their show.

Spring is in full swing, so I wanted to put together something that really helped awaken the senses and energized you through this month. May means it will finally start getting warmer in SF, but my days will no longer be marked by hockey games (I’m still upset about the Caps). I plan to use this month to spend time with those I love, breathe, catchup on rest and get ready to head to Tennessee in six short weeks.

Here’s to another great month! See you in June.

Listen here: