MATCHA SOUNDS 012: JULY 2019 / by Nadia Fallahi

Ok, first off, I can't believe I'm rounding out the first full year of Matcha Sounds!!! This has been a really great way for me to musically curate things that are so interesting to me and get them our to others. I love putting these together, and they make me feel like an ultimate aux cord DJ.

Jul 19.jpg

July has been all over the place – almost quite literally. In the past few weeks, I've travelled to Tahoe, DC and Chicago and also attended one day of Audiotistic in Mountain View. I feel like I've really been going thru the ringer and been feeling depleted, both mentally and physically. I've been taking some time to decompress and bounce back, and this time has been incredibly helpful.

I was going to put together a heavier (super bass-y and riddim-filled) playlist for this month, but after some consideration, it only felt right to put together a mix of songs of my youth. I love these songs because they feel super summery and light and always hit right. These are songs that always help me or put me in a better mood when I throw them on. It’s funny to see how much my taste has evolved since these days, but these tracks will forever hold a special place in my heart.

I'm excited to share this mix with you, and I hope you're equally stoked to listen. See you in August!

Listen here: