Introducing London / by Nadia Fallahi

It’s been a crazy week or so settling into the abroad life in London.  I will be attending the University of Westminster and live in Bloomsbury in a huge flat with nine other girls.  Despite the large number of people in our flat, the place is HUGE (and my roommates and I were lucky enough to score the biggest bedroom.)  Everything has been coming together as we’ve been unpacking, rearranging our room and getting to explore London a little more.  This may not be my first time in London, but I am still so excited to live in one of my favorite cities and experience a whole different way of life.  

For MHM over my time here, I’ve decided to break it into chunks of my time in London and then, obviously, posts on the cities I end up traveling to.  Instead of running a minute-by-minute play like I did over the summer, I will break everything down into categories with only my most favorite, highly-recommended spots.  



Store Street Espresso

This is the little jaunt that I fell in love with over the summer when I was here.  It’s conveniently still very close to my flat, and I love stopping in during the morning for a soy matcha latte and avocado toast (if they haven’t run out yet).  It’s a small spot but has great natural light and is a great place to just catch up with friends, read or get work done.  The only bad thing is that they do not have their Wifi up between 11 am-4 pm.  

I can really only recommend the matcha latte, but I’m sure the coffee is great too.



DF Mexico

Camille, one of my roommates, and I wandered into this restaurant on her first day here, and it’s been love ever since.  It’s got a really cool like modern vibe and would definitely be a place you could find in DTLA.  

Definitely order the fish tacos with the chili fries on the side (fries with chili flakes, not like chili con carne chili) or the vegetable burrito, “Mexican style” (the works, minus rice and extra salad).   Also would highly recommend the Lime + Chia drink.





This is a noodle chain in London (maybe the UK) and helps fill the void of my noodle love in LA.  We went there for a big program lunch, and they were super friendly and helpful.  It’s definitely a quit in and out and they deliver now!

I got a salad (not sure of the name) and the chicken and prawn Pad Thai. V delicious!

Borough Market

Best times to go here are on Fridays and Saturday cause that’s when they have the most vendors.  However, that’s when there’s the biggest crowds.  It’s fun to walk around to all the stalls and see what everyone has and get samples.  It’s also on the Southbank so it’s easy to walk to something after it, too. (Would recommend going to the Tate Modern the same day.)

I obviously love the grilled cheese (who doesn’t), but Camille got this dank haloumi veggie burger on some greens that was really good.  Great to get some Pimms and get some juice!  Also, I got this GREAT No. 1 Daddy bag. 





I’m pretty sure this is also a chain, but it’s an Italian little market and restaurant.  We stumbled into the Notting Hill location on a whim because the place we wanted to go to was closed (and we didn’t find this out till we got all the way there). It has a great brunch and the portions are perfect.

The Eggs Florentine was superbbbbbb, and I would get it again.  A piece of toast with two little poached eggs, enough spinach to fuel Popeye for a year and the right amount of Hollandaise sauce. 

Honorable Mention: Nando's -- cause duh



Tate Modern

This was my third visit here, and I would probably still go once a week if I could.  I love galleries and I love the Tate because it has a killer collection, great location and a nice little cafe.  It also has free Wifi in the whole building. Oh, and it’s FREEEEEE!!!!!

I wanted to see the new Pop Art exhibit, but you have to buy a ticket and I’m hoping that my Art & Society class happens to dabble on in.

Portobello Road Market

This is close to Notting Hill (which is also really nice to walk around in!) and is a long street of colorful buildings with tons of shops, cafes and vendors out along the sides.  Saturdays and Sundays seem to be the time to go.  We didn’t buy anything but we walked almost the whole road and it was fun to see everything.

Definitely go there on a nice day.  Great to take pics and soak up a little sun.  Bonus points if you find the Stromae mural!


Self-explanatory.  Definitely visit if you’re in London.  The Toy Kingdom is obviously the best part.  Unfortunately, I ordered some sashimi that set me over the edge, so Harrods and I ain’t really friends atm.


NIGHTLIFE  (sorry for lack of photos)


Another classic London nightclub in Soho.  Really fun but small space.  Definitely go with a good group of friends and a promoter.  About a 10£ cover charge.



This is the basic (as in basic betch) American jaunt, especially on Monday.  The club is really small with low ceilings and is literally filled with all Americans. The music was really good.  Drinks are expensive and the promoters are really stingy on drinks also.  About a 10£ cover charge.



Also in Shoreditch (I think?), this is a really cool Deep House club.  There was a cover of like 4£ about, on a Tuesday.  There’s two floors.  The main floor is a big room with a long bar and a DJ booth in the corner. There are risers (s/o 90 and frat parties) and then a lot of floor space.  It’s really dark but they have these really cool lasers.  The other floor is downstairs and has this like dark, steamy grotto vibe.  The music down there was more dance-y and the bar was even bigger.  There was a huge stage/riser area and then a cool DJ booth set up.  Everyone was really vibing and having a good time.  I will definitely be going here again.




We went here on a Tuesday night, which probably isn’t their most popular night, but it wasn’t terrible.  It’s in Shoreditch (which is like the DTLA Arts District of London).  The venue was really cool and the drinks weren’t terribly priced.  I think Fridays are the time to go.  Definitely go in a good group.  There was no cover on Tuesday.




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