ICS, In Review / by Nadia Fallahi

The last month has been absolute dream.  Studying PR/Journalism/Communications while traveling all over Europe? I know, sounds pretty tough.

For our final project, we had to create a multimedia project, so I decided to create a video I could incorporate on MHM.  I filmed and edited the whole thing on my iPhone 5 (although I added the music once I uploaded it to my computer), so it really made the experience feel super personal and on-the-go.  Although the operation seemed kind of bootleg, it was interesting to see that whole high vs. low-brow production be created.  I mean, even at BBC they were telling us that some field journalists will film on their iPhones because the quality is baller (okay, maybe he didn't use that word, but you get the point.)

(Side note: I have had a side part since fourth grade, so I finally have come around to a middle part all the time. Very exciting stuff!!)

Here's a look into my month (not sure why it uploaded in such terrible quality, but whatever):


Favorite visits:

  • Euler Hermes
  • Vatican Radio News
  • Median Turgul DDB
  • Prague Castle
  • Channel 4

Favorite moments (outside of visits):

  • Dancing under the Eiffel Tower at night
  • Going in at Cirque le Sior
  • Capturing content after getting new trainers in Rome
  • Exploring the black market of handbags
  • Watching the sunset from Sacre Couer 
  • Visiting the John Lennon Wall
  • Snapchatting trainers from Prague with "All Day"
  • Photoshoot at the Tate Modern

Things I wish I got to do:

  • Row boats at Versailles
  • Actually go into Versailles
  • Visit the market in Prague 
  • Day trip to Ostia over Santa Marinella
  • Go into Musee d'Orsay
  • Toured the Hagia Sophia


Matcha Had Me.....grateful I chose ICS over staying at USC for the whole summer and so happy to be home in my own bed.